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Managed Administration

All Ordering, Device Configuration, and Provisioning Across Multiple Carriers are Consolidated onto One Centralized Portal.

This centralized portal is the critical touch point to the end user and must have intelligence built in to help guide the end user to select a carrier, a device, and a rate plan that are best suited for that particular order (based on preloaded business profile criteria), security bundles, third party applications, etc. Telecom Expense Management is the aggregation of all Wireless carries being used by a single Enterprise onto one bill. TEM provides complete transparency into an Enterprise's overall mobility spend. Due to the nature of mobility and how it has evolved, large Enterprises may have multiple carriers, plans, features, devices, etc. Vertigo's TEM solution provides the ability for consolidated billing into on common management application that provides user-friendly centralized visibility of invoices and orders that provide the decision makers the information necessary to make informed future purchasing and current plan adjustment decisions.

Device Management

Managing Wireless Assets on the Network

As end-user devices become more and more advanced, the need grows for Enterprises to have the ability to actively and effectively monitor and manage user devices. This type of centralized monitoring and management must occur in real time while being transparent to the end user.

The VertiGO Managed Mobility Solution monitors and manages every aspect of your mobile environment (both RIM and Windows OS). A centrally located administrator can monitor up-to-the-minute diagnostics on all users, servers, networks and handhelds to proactively determine if further action is necessary. This type of proactive management allows for an Enterprise to solve a problem before it starts.

Device Management Features

Managed Security

A network is only as powerful as the data that resides there.

That data must be protected at all times on all IT assets. As devices become more and more powerful, and can perform more "laptop-like" functions data security becomes paramount. With increased functionality comes the need for increased security.

This level of Security causes consternation for Security Professionals as the number of end points on the network explodes in a true Managed Mobility environment:

Key Security Components

Each component must be ironclad before enabling a mobile device to reach into an Enterprise's network.

Just as an end user would never dream of purchasing a laptop and plugging it into an Enterprise network, the same must hold true for a mobile end point.

Managed Applications

Enabling Access to Your Applications

Once the core components of the managed mobility solution are in place, an Enterprise can begin to focus on possible Enterprise-grade third party applications. When considering the benefits of a mobile-enabled Enterprise, Enterprises need to focus on their mission - not the workplace.

Although mobile e-mail is a start and on its way to being ubiquitous, the real power and quantum shifts in the efficiency paradigm comes from vertical specific applications (mobile-enabling operational processes such as maintenance, workforce automation, supply chain, and customer, field service and fleet management).

Managed Mobility offers the flexibility for the application servers to be offered as Customer Managed or Hosted Applications.