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About VertiGO Solutions

Company Overview

VertiGO is a woman owned small business, located in the Washington, DC region. VertiGO has been on the cutting edge of Mobility technology and brings over 28 years of experience in the industry. VertiGO's focus is providing a holistic, end-to-end Enterprise-Grade Mobility offering.

VertiGO is a dedicated team of experienced integrated business and technology professionals, offering end to end solutions in the mobility space.

We help our clients to maximize the efficiency and the return on the dollars invested in their mobility initiatives.

VertiGO Solutions was formed to provide enterprises of all sizes with a single source for their mobility needs. Our solution is comprised of all the critical tools that are required to unify the mobile environment for the enterprise.


VertiGO Solutions was formed to provide Enterprises of all sizes with a single source for mobility and strategic planning, encompassing all the critical tools and relationships that will take your business to the next level of mobility.

Our choice of the name, VertiGO, is to emphasize upward motion. We exist to provide Enterprises with the tools and consultation to help in understanding and adopting what it now takes to implement a mobility strategy that aligns with the Enterprise objectives.


VertiGO Solutions is a full service business strategist, offering:


We are committed to attracting and retaining experience and qualified professionals that meet the highest standards of quality, creativity and productivity. VertiGO Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.

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