VertiGO Solutions, Taking you business to the next level
SIMMS, VertiGO's solution, providing the enterprise with a holistic mobile strategy. VertiGO maximizes enterprise mobility initiatives, by consolidating and optimizing the investments and improves the bottom line. Your success with mobility is our greatest achievement.

Managed Mobility is not just about adding mobile services and incrementally improving existing workflows. It is about interconnecting processes and beginning to rethink the business value system to realize the full potential of a mobile strategy.

Enterprise mobility and enabling the mobile worker represents the single largest issue for today's managers. Providing pervasive, ubiquitous computing adds exponential value to the Enterprise and by enabling the mobile worker with the tools necessary to most efficiently succeed in completing their mission, exponential value to the Enterprise as a whole is created.

What makes VertiGO different from other companies in the mobility arena, is simply this... VertiGO provides extensive experience in putting together managed mobility solutions that today are used by top telecom providers. VertiGO provides a holistic and integrated mobility solution that we fully customize according to the needs of our clients and have the experience to help standardize and roll out a successful mobility strategy across the Enterprise.

Approaching Mobility Holistically

Are you responsible for managing the Mobile Revolution now taking place in your Enterprise? If so, you have at one time or another experienced the frustration of overseeing a network that is essentially now 'everywhere'. The Mobile work environment is a complex process of working with multiple carrier procurements, tracking assets, addressing security vulnerabilities and managing third party applications. How does one now provide the same capabilities and securities of a traditional network environment for remote users that are demanding the same access and functionality that they had before?

The mobile environment has become chaotic - competing and overlapping services and applications all cost too much, and expose your institutional information to the risk of exposure. Ad hoc and piecemeal systems and applications constantly change those risks, and leave the Enterprise vulnerable. How an entity manages this are all things that turn a Mobile offering into an Enterprise-Grade Solution. VertiGO's answer for creating this Enterprise-Grade Solution is SIMMS, our simplified, integrated, managed mobility solution.